with nature

Night Tour

All Year 2 Hours

Come step into a magical world
unknown, discovering the secrets of the
forest at Wellness Park.




All Year 1-3 Hours

The majestic Tropical rain forest in
Wellness Park offer stunning views
with incredible guided hiking.



Energy, Vitality & Balance


Sense of connection
with mother nature.

The provision of comprehensive wellness tourism services and personal growth in Wellness Park, an environment with high level of biodiversity, and a great natural and rural attraction in Costa Rica.


It is our intention to become a benchmark, where people live and wish to live experiences of their being and their well-being as paths that bring them closer to happiness and full life.

A Story of Gratitude to Nature

Nature has taught us how its evolution is in all areas.

Wellness Park is born from the family history between brothers. We grew up in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, where we had an intimate connection with the fields, forests, rivers, and animals. We grew up with the omnipresence of the Arenal Volcano as our view. We play and work in this area, surrounded by the best natural landscapes. We had the opportunity to work with cattle and agriculture, we also learned industrial tasks such as construction and repairs, which taught us values such as traditions, the effort of things well done, family union and nature.

As we grew up, each of the brothers developed different abilities, always guided by our parents. Over the years we realized that La Fortuna is a perfect paradise, and we wanted to explore new things. Somehow, we also wanted to know and be known, expressing our individual life discourse to everyone.